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Jan 13, 2013 2:00pm PST
it to be anything like the book. our felicia taylor looks at what the stage version could be like. >> reporter: racy, raunchy, risque? some might call it soft porn. it's the book that made women squeal with pleasure. ♪ want to open my eyes and see all 50 shades ♪ >> reporter: now on stage, others are belting out a different kind of tune in its honor. ♪ open your book open your mind ♪ >> the spoof is a titillating spectacle with plenty of sensuality. the stage version parodies eat rottic best seller by centering around a middle aged ladies book club obsessed with the more colorful parts which become the butt of jokes through a series of sketches. here we are with the cast of "50 shades" at their dress rehearsal to get a first look at the scenes before they actually hit the great white way. >> a couple of friends of mine actually came to me with the idea. initially, i said what a terrible yudt. i can't make that funny, a very serious thing, about sex. but i was convinced and we started writing these songs and they were really, really funny. ♪ >> reporter: this musical prod
Jan 3, 2013 6:00am PST
. felicia taylor is in new york with the news. good news for chrysler. >> absolutely. and you know what? not surprising but definitely better than one would have expected. we're getting a read on sales in december. chrysler up about 10%, that's their strongest december in five years. we're going to hear from the rest of the big three along with the foreign carmakers as the day goes on. december numbers come after a sizeable rebound for these companies in november, when automakers overall had their best month since the start of 2008 and we know what that was all about. one analyst for edmonds said recently there was strong underlying demand. car buyers have been returning to showrooms not just because of that pent up demand but also because of easier access to financing finally, and a slowly improving jobs market as christine just talked to you about, victor? >> we'll talk about the market opening in about 25 minutes from now, strong day yesterday, big gains, biggest gains in more than a year, actually, but that momentum likely sputtering today? >> yes, you know, it's hard to sustai
Jan 13, 2013 4:30am PST
cash in on the frenzy. but for now, fans can get their fill of ana and christian on stage. felicia taylor, cnn, new york. >> i'll be back here in 30 minutes. "sanjay gupta md" is next. >>> hello, and thanks for joining us today. i'm going to bust one of the biggest myths about the flu. and hopefully teach you how to protect your family from this epidemic. >>> also, the legendary surgeon who has worked on more top athletes than just about anyone. he just operated on the redskins' quarterback, rg3. and a fitness dilemma. why you don't want to watch your weight too closely. we'll explain. let's get started. ♪ >>> by now you've heard, it's the worst flu season in years. emergency rooms in many places are overflowing. at least 20 children have died. among them, a young man named max from texas. take a look at his picture. his mom said he went from being a healthy, 17-year-old to dying. in just a matter of days. it is a fast-moving story. so here's what you need to know. the flu strikes fast. and symptoms much more severe than a common cold. you feel fine one day, and then the next, a
Jan 15, 2013 5:00pm PST
many wonder if this is really just an example of good marketing. felicia taylor has the story. pay attention to the man walking away from the camera. let's stop the video right here now the question is will the postal truck do the right panel also, coca-cola still seeing increases with their non-cola items. the company is already getting cal ripken to the front of their labels. felicia taylor. >> jacqueline: we have seen cold conditions of the past several days. things are starting to warm up. it will be warmer but things will still be chilly noticed temperatures are going to be increased with nearly 40 degrees. a bit more comfortable still freezing in santa rosa. 30's through vallejo. there will be our lower. redwood city, is warmer in san jose, 43 degrees. for the afternoon we will continue our warming trend with upper 50s and 60s for the south bay. 50s in palo alto, 60s and san jose. the inland valleys to be a bit of a wild card. this will keep temperatures a bit lower. one of sunshine with temperatures in the upper 50s and also mid upper 50s for the east bay shore. 55 in san fr
Jan 3, 2013 11:00am PST
improving jobs market had more people buying cars. felicia taylor is at the stock exchange. they have been reporting sales figures all day. give us an idea of who is on top and what this says about the state of the economy. >> it's definitely a good sign. no question about it. it seems that people are getting more comfortable making these big purchases. when you look at the big three, it was chrysler that led the way with a 10% sales gain in december. gm did well also posting a 5% rise. fort saw a small increase of 2%. toyota we are going to include because the sales rose 9% and obviously that is managing to beat out the arch rival of gm in december. it wraps up the best year for car sales in the united states since before the recession. it's great news that things are moving in the right direction. there is still a tremendous uncertainty about the economy. you have to wonder why are people buying? there is one answer. lenders are more generous about giving auto loans and people have the cash to do so. there has been a slight improvement in the jobs market that you mentioned. people h
Jan 15, 2013 11:00am PST
we're building. come see what we're building so says facebook today. felicia taylor is standing by in new york. all right, spill it. what's the news, felicia? >> well, as you know, this is the first major press event since the may ipo, a lot of hype around it. they're rolling out a new type of search calling it graph search. it allows users to filter through their friends' information. that's important. it is not new. it is photos, things they like, more efficiently, people, places, things like that. it is not a traditional web search. for example, if you and i were facebook friends, which we might be, i can type in co-workers of mine who live in atlanta and you would show up in the search. so it is not a new kind of search. but only if we're already friends and have shared information together. facebook says no changes to privacy settings are required. they're well aware of the issue of privacy. graph search acts on information you already have access to. the question is, you know, did it live up to the hype? i don't think it really did. as you mentioned, we're really looking for mor
Jan 18, 2013 11:00am PST
a little piece of the white house. felicia taylor, i wanted to talk to you about this. i saw this article in zillow had calculated this morning, just having fun, the white house isn't for sale. in terms of dollars and cents, if someone wanted to buy the white house what do you think it would be worth? >> about a cool $295 million. not such a big price tag. >> please. >> you certainly make enough to afford that, i know. anyway, zillow used public data and recent sales to figure it out. it buys you 50,000 square feet, 132 rooms, and three kitchens because one isn't enough. you got a pool, a movie theater, a bowling alley, that was because of the nixens, they asked for that one, a jogging track, which bill clinton added. the value of the white house got up, though, since obama came into town, up about 7% since 2009 and that does mirror the housing market, which peaked in 2006. and then fell before recovering. so, you know, not bad. >> not bad. not bad. hey, look, if we don't have that chump change to buy it, what about if someone wanted to rent this house? >> oh, we're still talking
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)